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Hash tables

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Hash tables
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 23:12:38 +0100

I am trying to using alists to store information (to display watched expressions
under gdb with the speedbar). I have expressions like:

(dolist (var gdb-var-list)
     (let ((var-list))
       some operation on var...
     (push var var-list))
(setq gdb-var-list (nreverse var-list)))

where var is a list like (varnum a b c d)

Update of the speedbar for arrays and structures is too slow, so I thought
hash tables might speed things up. I want to replace the above with something

(maphash gdb-var-operation gdb-var-table)

The manual says that gdb-var-operation, should accept two arguments KEY and

but I want to pass some arguments to gdb-var-operation. I plan to change
maphash to:

(maphash FUNCTION TABLE &optional ARGS)

so that FUNCTION gets called with KEY, VALUE and ARGS.

This won't be an easy task for me so I'd like some reassurance that its
a) desirable and b) do-able.


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