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Re: m68k "Invalid character:" build failure look familiar to anyone?

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: m68k "Invalid character:" build failure look familiar to anyone?
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 09:17:15 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.1002 (Gnus v5.10.2) Emacs/21.3 (gnu/linux)

Andreas Schwab <address@hidden> writes:

>>> Can you please print out the lisp expression that args points to at this
>>> place?  See etc/DEBUG for more information.
>> Sure:
> I was rather referring to the args in Fprogn.

Ah, ok.  If you mean the next level Fprogn up, then it appears to be
nil at the time of the error.  I also included args from the Flet
above it in case that's helpful.

Thanks again.

(gdb) up
#4  0x800d326e in Feval (form=1350173948)
    at /home/rlb/tmp/emacs21-21.3+1/src/eval.c:1986
1986              val = (*XSUBR (fun)->function) (XINT (numargs), vals);
(gdb) up
#5  0x800d0d1a in Fprogn (args=274922548)
    at /home/rlb/tmp/emacs21-21.3+1/src/eval.c:431
431           val = Feval (Fcar (args_left));
(gdb) p args
$5 = 274922548
(gdb) pr
(gdb) up
#6  0x800d1790 in Flet (args=1350170172)
    at /home/rlb/tmp/emacs21-21.3+1/src/eval.c:875
875       elt = Fprogn (Fcdr (args));
(gdb) p args
$6 = 1350170172
(gdb) pr
(((pc 0) op off (bytes (quote nil)) (patchlist nil) rest rel tmp) (while lap 
(setq op (car (car lap)) off (cdr (car lap))) (cond ((not (symbolp op)) (error 
"Non-symbolic opcode `%s'" op)) ((eq op (quote TAG)) (setcar off pc) (setq 
patchlist (cons off patchlist))) ((memq op byte-goto-ops) (setq pc (+ pc 3)) 
(setq bytes (cons (cons pc (cdr off)) (cons nil (cons (symbol-value op) 
bytes)))) (setq patchlist (cons bytes patchlist))) (t (setq bytes (cond ((cond 
((consp off) (setq off (cdr off)) (eq op (quote byte-constant)))) (cond ((< off 
byte-constant-limit) (setq pc (1+ pc)) (cons (+ byte-constant off) bytes)) (t 
(setq pc (+ 3 pc)) (cons (lsh off -8) (cons (logand off 255) (cons 
byte-constant2 bytes)))))) ((<= byte-listN (symbol-value op)) (setq pc (+ 2 
pc)) (cons off (cons (symbol-value op) bytes))) ((< off 6) (setq pc (1+ pc)) 
(cons (+ (symbol-value op) off) bytes)) ((< off 256) (setq pc (+ 2 pc)) (cons 
off (cons (+ (symbol-value op) 6) bytes))) (t (setq pc (+ 3 pc)) (cons (lsh off 
-8) (cons (logand off 255) (cons (+ (symbol-value op) 7) bytes)))))))) (setq 
lap (cdr lap))) (let (bytes) (while patchlist (setq bytes (car patchlist)) 
(cond ((atom (car bytes))) (t (setq pc (car (cdr (car bytes)))) (setcar (cdr 
bytes) (logand pc 255)) (setcar bytes (lsh pc -8)))) (setq patchlist (cdr 
patchlist)))) (concat (nreverse bytes)))

Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org and @debian.org; previously @cs.utexas.edu
GPG starting 2002-11-03 = 14DD 432F AE39 534D B592  F9A0 25C8 D377 8C7E 73A4

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