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Re: Behavior of evaporate

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Behavior of evaporate
Date: 26 Sep 2003 11:59:31 -0400
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> (progn (setq xxx 1)
>        (goto-char 1)
>        (insert "x")
>        (setq o (make-overlay 1 2))
>        (overlay-put o 'modification-hooks (list (lambda (ov dummy b e
>                                                    &optional l)
>                                           (setq xxx 0))))
>        (overlay-put o 'evaporate t)
>        (delete-char 1)
>        xxx)

And the above code only tests whether `modification-hooks' works, not
whether `evaporate' works.

As for my initial remark about `evaporate' working, I meant "I'm not sure
if it does what we want here" when I said "I'm not sure it'll work".
I know `evaporate' does work in the sense that it does what it's documented
to do (otherwise I'd have fixed it or filed a bug report).


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