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Re: Changing the no-toolkit scrollbar thumb color. (minor issue)

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Changing the no-toolkit scrollbar thumb color. (minor issue)
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 18:38:43 +0200

No -- I just tried several variations on how to create a
~/.emacs.d/gtkrc file and none worked.  (I also tried putting the
variations into ~/.gtkrc-2.0 just in case ~/.emacs.d/gtkrc was the
wrong name for the Emacs-specific file; that also failed.)

This is a problem with the documentation.  It should be clear enough.

Yes it should and I am sure it can be improved.  But I need to know
why it failed for you.  Can you mail some of the attempts you tried?
Also, what is your theme?  Themes that use pixmaps for scrollbars
also have the side effect that scrollbars can not be customized in
any way w.r.t. foreground and/or background.  This could be added to
the documentation.

There are some problems with GTK themes and Emacs faces that are
hard to resolve:

The faces Emacs have can not represent all scrollbars that GTK can draw,
due to the fact that scrollbars can use pixmaps, and faces can't.

Themes can change at runtime.  I currently know of any good way for
Emacs to know when this happens, but it probably can be detected.

GTK/Gnome users expect to be able to switch themes at runtime.  If there
is a customized face, what should take precedence?

And as said before, in some instances the scrollbar can not be changed
due to the restrictions of the theme.

GTK is not very good at customizing widgets, the mechanism that exists
is basically just there for the implementation of themes.  That is the
only supported way to change the look of GTK.  Emacs faces does not
go well with that.  We can add more to the documentation about
the restrictions, I guess.

        Jan D.

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