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Re: Info mutilates user overlays.

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Info mutilates user overlays.
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 09:45:06 -0400

    Position-registers and bookmarks should be made to work in such cases
    as well.  I think a somewhat unified approach (also unified with the
    help-xref-stack) would be welcome.
    When I say unified, I mean at the implementation level.  Every "view"
    such as an info-node, a help item, an email, ... should set
    a `here-is-how-to-find-me-back' variable (that variable is called
    `help-xref-stack-item' in help-mode).

This extension of mechanism would be coherent, but I think it is not
the right place to direct our effort.  We could take care of this bug
much quicker by making it an error to set a bookmark in Info mode.  It
is not ideal, but not a big deal.  Other improvements in etc/TODO
would make far more difference in terms of the user's benefit.  Would
people work on some of them?

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