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Re: groupware question

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: groupware question
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 17:17:04 +0900
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert J Chassell <address@hidden> writes:

    Robert> I connect to the remote machine twice using ssh over a
    Robert> slow telephone connection.  So now I have two xterms
    Robert> connected to 123.456.789.123.

Oh, that's even better, because you do have the secure circuit.

    Robert> On one remote connection I start `emacs -nw -f
    Robert> server-start'.  That is fine.  On the other remote
    Robert> connection, I start `emacsclient foo'.

    Robert> That starts an Emacs window in the xterm showing first
    Robert> remote connection, the one where I started `emacs -nw -f
    Robert> server-start'.

    Robert> How do I get it to show the file in the xterm showing the
    Robert> other remote connection?

emacsclient doesn't seem to support this.  :-(  gnuclient (XEmacs's
version) has a -nw option (no-window-system), which connects to the
server and shows the emacs window on the gnuclient's TTY.

   I've done cooperative editing this way, by the way, and discovered
   that I really don't want to work that way with the person I tried it
   with.  He kept making typos, and correcting my indentation style.
   Unforgivable!  ;-)

    Robert> I feared this sort of thing can be a problem.  But I have
    Robert> enjoyed good, cooperative work with people, so I think it
    Robert> depends on the person and the situation.

Oh, certainly!  It was just a cautionary example.  It's not like I
can't work with that guy at all, it's just that (as Stefan points out)
sometimes it's better to have a communication buffer bigger than one
character!  I suspect we could have worked out a protocol if needed,
but in fact we were sitting at neighboring desks.

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