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Re: Changing the no-toolkit scrollbar thumb color. (minor issue)

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Re: Changing the no-toolkit scrollbar thumb color. (minor issue)
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2003 23:15:22 -0500 (CDT)

Is there absolutely no way to override pixmap based themes and make
them use colors for the scroll bar by first setting all involved
pixmaps to "<none>".  I am not very familiar with GTK customization,
but I would normally have expected some variant of the stuff below to
work.  (Maybe it contains some errors, but is there any reason why the
general principle would not work?)  According to (emacs)GTK styles,
one should, unless I misunderstood, even be able to specify any pixmap
whatsoever, including personal ones, for the scroll bar faces.

I guess I should update my GTK version.  My dinosaur version seems to
use slightly different semantics (or so I believe), so I can not check
myself.  When I tried, it complained about "red" being an invalid
string constant.

style "scroll"
  bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "<none>"
  bg_pixmap[INSENSITIVE] = "<none>"
  bg_pixmap[ACTIVE] = "<none>"
  bg_pixmap[PRELIGHT] = "<none>"

  fg[NORMAL] = "red"     # The arrow color.
  bg[NORMAL] = "yellow"  # The thumb and background around the arrow.
  bg[ACTIVE] = "blue"    # The trough color.
  bg[PRELIGHT] = "white" # The thumb color when the mouse is over it.

widget_class "*GtkVScrollbar" style "scroll"



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