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Re: windows-1251 language environment

From: Anton Zinoviev
Subject: Re: windows-1251 language environment
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 17:36:40 +0300
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On 17.X.2003 at 15:22 Terje Rosten wrote:
> * Anton Zinoviev
> | 
> | What is the difference between CP1251 and some ISO 8859 coding system?
> >From Unicode Demystified, Richard Gillam, ISBN 0-201-70052-2, page 41:
>   Windows code page 1252, the Western European encoding for Windows,
>   for example, is a superset of ISO 8859-1. It includes all of the
>   Latin-1 characters, but then fills the C1 space with additional
>   printing characters.
> I believe the same is true for code page 1251.

No, that is not true.

I'd like to stress that cp1251 is a non-latin coding system.  Even if
you terminal supports only ASCII, then you probably can read French or
German or Spanish, etc, as most of the characters are basic latin.
But try to use the command `iconv -tebcdic-us' in order to recode some
English text to EBCDIC.  Then you will understand better the
difference between the Latin and the non-Latin cp125N coding systems.

Anton Zinoviev

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