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Re: No `calc-mode-var-list' in calc.el

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: Re: No `calc-mode-var-list' in calc.el
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 09:57:51 -0600
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Reiner Steib <address@hidden> writes:

> On Wed, Oct 29 2003, Jay Belanger wrote:
>> Sorry about that.  (The mail client is cvs gnus; maybe I shouldn't
>> use so much software from cvs.)
> Must be the "or something" alternative.  Gnus doesn't delete
> whitespace, neither from inline text, nor from text/x-patch
> attachments, AFAICS.

Well, I meant message, of course, but for me some whitespace is
deleted. I tried it with my current setup, then with
emacs -q --no-site-file
and then 
emacs -q --no-site-file
with emacs 21.3.
In all cases, both in attachments and in typed in text, lines that
contained only a few spaces were replaced by lines with no spaces.  I
used message-mail and attached attachments with C-cC-a.
Perhaps something happens to it after it leaves here that deletes the


  See <URL:nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.test/1035>
> or <news:address@hidden> for a test.  And I
> couldn't find anything related in the Gnus sources.  Maybe have some
> add function in some hook?
> Bye, Reiner.
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