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Prompt display in Panther build

From: Matt Tenenbaum
Subject: Prompt display in Panther build
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 11:17:51 -0500

Yesterday I installed OS X 10.3, which (not surprisingly) broke my emacs binary (21.1, I believe, from about a year ago). So yesterday I also pulled the latest source from CVS and bootstrapped it into existence on the new operating system. Things seem to work (functionally) fine with the following possible exception:

When I run 'sql-postgres' to start the interactive SQL mode (to connect to a local pgsql server) the behavior differs between the command line invocation and the Carbon build. In particular, on the command line, everything is (or seems) as it is supposed to be; on the Carbon build, there is no prompt. If I enter commands (despite the lack of prompt) everything behaves normally (it transforms the text to boldface and writes the query results, as usual), but I still don't get any prompt showing up.

Initially I thought this might be related to the problems that seem to exist with subprocess responses on the terminal, but the problem isn't in the terminal nor does it seem to be with the _responses_ to commands, so I don't so much think that anymore.

Anybody have any ideas, what might be causing this? Could it be a problem with the sql.el in CVS? It is especially strange to me that it is different between invocation-types. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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