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RE: texinfo support for iso-cvt

From: Wedler, Christoph
Subject: RE: texinfo support for iso-cvt
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 19:55:35 +0100

 > I wrote translation tables and iso-* routines for iso-cvt texinfo
 > support.  The new routines are iso-iso2texi and iso-texi2iso

You will notice, that M-x texinfo-format-buffer will fail when using
these routines automatically via package format, because a hook is
missing textmodes/texinfmt.el, see my message/patch to emacs-devel from

Your message gives my the hope that I have a campaigner for the
inclusion of the patch ;-)

 > Note that the tables are not complete. The texinfo manual do not
 > mention texi sequences for the following ISO symbols (i give there the
 > TeX sequence):

 > ;    ("£" "{\\\\pounds}")
 > ;    ("¶" "{\\\\P}")
 > ;    ("§" "{\\\\S}")

There are a few others missing: latin-1 has 96 characters, my package
X-Symbol supports 62 of them (and other non-latin-1 like @OE{}), you
support 56 of them.  To get the others, please check
lisp/x-symbol-texi.el in the distribution of X-Symbol:


- Christoph

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