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where are you? i need your urgent help, mariam from Iraq

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Subject: where are you? i need your urgent help, mariam from Iraq
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 05:27:34 +0100

Dear Friend,

Good day, I know you are pleased with the privilege of living the almighty 
Allah gave to us today. I am sorry for the obstructions my request may caust 
you.Thuogh you have done me bad, as you did not mail me since the war on Iraq, 
and I dont know what is wrong with your email address.

Now you should know that due to my embryo problem that made me not to conceive 
for my husband and my husband died on 22td day of March 2003, which made his 
relatives gang up to quit me out of the family despite the fact that I have a 
serious injury that is bothering me since 22 March 2003 on my way to carry my 
husband’s death body.

As at now I have serious problems with them and it is obvious that I 
don’t know where to go, on the process of seeking solution to my problems 
I received a mail through my husband’s mail box from a company at Russia, 
telling him that they have been tryin

g to contact him for the payment of his $16.3 million dollars for his shear of 
smuggled uranium in order to proceed on the business, and after I might have 
reading these mails I got confused, but Allah so kind I didn’t let them 
know that my husband has b

een killed by British army, I then pretend as if I am my husband Mohammad 
Ibraheem Khan and asked them the best way of sending my own money to me, on 
reply they advised me to open a new Bank account with the Bank they are using 
for the transaction and th

e Bank is in U.S.A, and their purpose is that they have a sullied protections 
with the Bank that the Bank will remit my money without Bank traces, because if 
this money enters into Iraq the interim leadership government will know and 
they will trace where

the money comes from which will implicate them.

Regarding to this, I want you to help me out now so that me and you will share 
this money 70% 30%.

Finally, the help I need from you is this, you will open the account with your 
name, and I will tell them that you are my wealth manager that you will open 
the account on my behalf, because it is not easy here for me to communicate 
with them, and the banks here are not yeat working well. 

Please you should understand my predicaments, I want you to help me especially 
in the area of securing this money $16.3million dollars , for the fact that you 
will kindly keep my own shear for me until the day America and Iraq will 
resolve their problem then I will come over for my share.

Please you should help me it is not good for me to miss this golden opportunity 
that comes my way unexpectedly .

I am still expecting your positive reply so that we will reach a memorandum of 

Please if you can render me these help, do urgently contact me via this mail 
box (address@hidden), so that I will give you the details .

I awaiting your urgent reply.


I.M.Hajiah Mariam Khan              

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