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Re: Do we need legal papers

From: Dave Carlton
Subject: Re: Do we need legal papers
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 09:34:07 -0800

Andrew, I too would ask that you reconsider. I am a recent convert to EMACS and as you can see I only use a Macintosh and OSX. I would gladly take your place or help you out but I am just a neophyte when it comes to C and Lisp (I work in Forth and Open Firmware :). While I like the X version the problems of cut and paste (among others) between the OSX and X versions makes it too cumbersome for me to use.

So please please stay on board, I was so much looking forward to 21.4!

On Nov 04, 2003, at 16:19, Kim F. Storm wrote:

Andrew Choi <address@hidden> writes:

Perhaps it is best if I'm relieved from being the Mac maintainer. I
program for the love of programming and not for any other reasons.

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