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Re: APOP support in movemail

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: APOP support in movemail
Date: 09 Nov 2003 08:19:15 +0200

> From: Simon Josefsson <address@hidden>
> Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 02:03:04 +0100
> > I'm with you on that, but this policy is not really relevant to this
> > discussion: APOP is not a Windows-only feature, and neither does it
> > favor Windows in any way.  GNU and Unix users will need APOP in
> > movemail as long as we continue using movemail as the primary means of
> > fetching mail from POP3 servers into Emacs.
> Continuing to support movemail in Emacs only because it works on
> Windows, even though the best long-term solution may be to choice
> something else (that might not work immediately for Windows), would be
> relevant, I think.

That's a different discussion altogether.  Please note that I said
``as long as we continue using movemail'', and didn't in any way
suggest that the decision whether to dump movemail should be affected
by Windows.

The discussion whether to discontinue using movemail probably warrants
a separate thread.

>   - fetchmail (not part of Emacs).  Works on Windows (?).  Supports
>     GSSAPI/Kerberos.

The only port of fetchmail to Windows known to me is from Cygwin.
I'm not sure it could be a good-enough solution (due to file-naming
stuff), someone should check that.

However, please note that Richard said he didn't want to think about
Windows users when making design decisions such as this, so the
question whether something works on Windows is not really interesting.

As an aside, there's Stunnel (http://www.stunnel.org) that can be used
as a wrapper for any TCP connection, and thus is another alternative,
on top of those you mentioned.

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