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Re: ls-lisp and remote files

From: Lars Hansen
Subject: Re: ls-lisp and remote files
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 22:29:49 +0100
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I also remember that I looked in the whole Emacs source tree (Lisp
part only, though) to see if the numerical id is ever actually used.
It turned out that what the code really wants is the user name.

That's what I remember as well.
I think we should simply switch to user-names, but if compatibility
is a problem, we can just provide an additional argument to select
between the two behaviors.
I have done some searching in the source tree myself now. There are no problems in the C code, but in the lisp code I have found more that 10 files that expects UID to be numeric. It may be true that all of them can be changed to use names rather than ids, but it requires more work than I can handle myself. Therefore I suggest we introduce an additional argument to file-attributes and directory-files-and-attributes.

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