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Re: Changes to Texinfo DTD

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: Changes to Texinfo DTD
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 21:03:10 +0000 (UTC)

Oliver Scholz <address@hidden> wrote:

   So I have offered to hack the standalone info reader so that it
   would support the XML format in the same way that I have chosen in
   my patch. But I got not response so far.

Heh... that might be a good idea.  However, I don't think I know of
anyone who uses the standalone Info reader; they all use Emacs Info
instead....  So I cannot give you any useful advice on this.

   > [Also, how do you view an XML file with a DTD in a manner that looks
   > like graphically displayed HTML, as in Mozilla; how do you do the same
   > in Emacs?]

   One could write a CSS for texinfo XML, so that at least some browsers,
   like Mozilla, could render it.

That would be useful.  I use Galeon (which I presume would also use
the CSS).  The next step would be to persuade the Mozilla/Galeon
developers to make it easy to bind next, prev, up, last,
regexp-search, and spacebar to keystrokes, so you could avoid the
mouse.  As for me, the most vital capability is to be able to regexp
search through a complete document that is in multiple files (i.e.,
the equivalent of the Info-search command), and not attempt to go
outside the document.

   As for Emacs: I could write a parser and trivial renderer (applying
   text-properties) for texinfo XML in on a sunday afternoon.

That would be very useful.  If you provide similar commands to Info,
so similar bindings can be made, people might express all their
Texinfo files in XML with the Texinfo DTD, and try it your renderer,
in place of the current Info.

    Robert J. Chassell                         Rattlesnake Enterprises
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    http://www.teak.cc                             address@hidden

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