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Re: doc elisp intro cross reference fixes

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: doc elisp intro cross reference fixes
Date: 20 Nov 2003 17:36:54 -0500
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>> Programmers forget the * all the time, so people complained about some vars
>> being settable via customize-variable but not via set-variable, and it
>> was fixed so the * is irrelevant for `defcustom'.  I think that's a good
>> thing and I'd like to bring the doc in line with the code.

> I think we should educate programmers to fix their broken code, not change
> Emacs (which wasn't broken).

That's effort.  If the only benefit is to prevent some users from using
set-variable because the programmer thinks it's too cumbersome, I find
this effort is plainly wasted.


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