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Re: A new online publishing tool for Texinfo documents.

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: A new online publishing tool for Texinfo documents.
Date: 24 Nov 2003 09:11:46 +0000

Juri Linkov <address@hidden> writes:

> >> JavaScript is the only standard way to do browser-side programming that
> >> I know of.  It may turn out that only a small subset of JavaScript is
> >> actually needed for the job, that wouldn't be as painful to add to Emacs
> >> and Lynx as the whole huge mess.
> >
> > Whatever, as you say, because Emacs is so adaptable we can achieve
> > something. It's just "what thing" which is important.
> JavaScript is mostly useful for web applications supposed to run in
> mainstream browsers.  But for such browsers HTML files is already
> good enough solution.  What is rather needed is to improve Emacs
> Info browser.  

Just to be clear. Bob Chassell and I are proposing a new system for
making Texinfo documentation available over the web. It's not a
replacement for Emacs Info mode. But it is intended that users of
Emacs web browsers will be able to view the HTML produced by the new

>Currently I see at least three ways to do it:
> 1. continue to hack existing info.el to overcome existing limitations
>    of Info format;
> 2. extend existing Web browser implemented in Emacs for better support
>    of Info HTML navigation;
> 3. try to use an additional XML format in Emacs;

Personally, I see absolutely nothing wrong with current Emacs Info. I
use it an awfull lot (I use Texinfo for all my word processing tasks
and info mode for viewing all the documentation I have to write as
part of my work) as well as using Info from the console.

Right now, I almost never read HTML Info documents. I hope that the
new system Bob and I are talking about will change that a bit.


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