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Re: The display margin

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: The display margin
Date: 27 Nov 2003 18:17:35 -0500
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> Well, further preview-latex usability problems are that Emacs often
> goes ballistic when large height images are concerned, particularly
> larger than window size images.  Scrolling those to a particular
> viewing position is pretty much impossible, scrollbar interaction is
> nonworkable, and scroll-wheel stuff is pretty much unpredictable as
> well (there have been Emacs versions where wheel-use could lead to
> lockup with large images, I am not sure whether this is currently the
> case).

This indeed needs fixing.  I think one good way to fix it is if we could
easily change back&forth between pixel-positions and internal-positions
(which might look like click-event positions in that they should say
if and where the position is inside an image).

This way we could compute the pixel-position of the middle of the window,
then compute the logical internal-position corresponding to it and move
that to windows-start (using vscroll if necessary).

The pos-to-pixel translation has also been requested by people who want to
popup tooltips or menus at point (rather than at the mouse-position).


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