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Re: A question about GTK file selection dialog and `use-dialog-box'

From: Peter S Galbraith
Subject: Re: A question about GTK file selection dialog and `use-dialog-box'
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 20:42:27 -0500

David Kastrup <address@hidden> wrote:

> Peter S Galbraith <address@hidden> writes:
> > Using a GTK build of CVS Emacs, I see that `read-file-name' uses a
> > GTK file selector instead of the minbuffer.  I had to disable it
> > because it's very awkward to use compared to the minibuffer (no
> > history or completion).  The only advertised way to disable it is to
> > unset `use-dialog-box', which also disables the nice `y-or-n-p' and
> > `yes-or-no-p' pop-ups (I like thoese!).
> > 
> > It would be great if the GTK file selector's minibuffer area acted like
> > the minibuffer (history and completion).  If not, then consider
> > providing a way to disable the file selector without disabling
> > `y-or-n-p' and `yes-or-no-p' pop-ups.
> It only uses the GTK file selector if the triggering event is a mouse
> event.  So if you are using the keyboard, you won't get to see a GTK
> file selector.

I know, but the GTK file selector doesn't have the required features to
replace the trusty minibuffer for me.

> Unless, say, you are hitting upon a bug of AUCTeX

No, this is when I hit the `compose MIME insertion' toolbar buttom in
MH-E.   Hmmm, maybe I can (optionally) locally-bind `use-dialog-box'
within that MH-E command...

Thanks for replying,

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