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Re: [patch] add interactive browse of revisions from vc *Annotate* buffe

From: Andre Spiegel
Subject: Re: [patch] add interactive browse of revisions from vc *Annotate* buffers
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 21:09:09 +0100

I like the features you (Benjamin) are suggesting but the keybindings
seem a bit problematic to me.  Since those features would be very
important in VC Annotate, I wonder if you couldn't use simpler
bindings.  Ideally, I'd put the annotate buffer in view mode and use "p"
and "n" for previous and next, but these are already bound to
View-search-last-regexp-backward/forward.  Do people think it's
justified to replace that binding in vc-annotate-mode?  I would think
the relative importance justifies it.  To annotate from the revision
_before_ the one on the current line (which I feel is the most important
of those new features), "f" could be used (similar to Dired), without
any clash in view mode.

I know this has the potential to become an endless discussion, but
perhaps we can just go through one iteration and then decide :-)

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