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Re: Processing Chinese Big5 in Emacs Info reader

From: Chun-Chieh Huang
Subject: Re: Processing Chinese Big5 in Emacs Info reader
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:28:50 +0800
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> Thanks.
> However, I wonder why did this work for you at all, and why the
> original code didn't.
> Are your Info files kept compressed on the disk, and if so, in what
> format?  The part of code that you changed is only run for compressed
> Info files and doesn't change a bit the case of uncompressed Info
> files.
[stuff deleted]
> So I'm confused how could this change solve your problem, and even
> what is the problem (i.e. what happens if you use the original
> info.el).  Could you please elaborate to show me what I'm missing?

After you said that, I'm confused too. My Info file is not
compressed. I put a test info file on my web page, which is

I used GNU Emacs for many years, but to Emacs Lisp programming, I'm
only a rookie. When I read Big5 Info file for testing purpose, I saw
undecoded 8bit sequences on my screen. Logically, I guess that's
because wrong coding system in info buffer. So I search info.el for
any coding-system settings, I found only one,
i.e. coding-system-for-write, and I changed it, then it works. The
story is that simple, I didn't trace any code. :-)
Chun-Chieh Huang, aka Albert    E-mail: jjhuang AT cm.nctu.edu.tw
Department of Computer Science  
National Tsing Hua University   MIME/ASCII/PDF/PostScript are welcome!
HsinChu, Taiwan                 NO MS WORD DOC FILE, PLEASE!

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