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Re: Improving the gtk2 port

From: Danilo Segan
Subject: Re: Improving the gtk2 port
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 15:26:43 +0100
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"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:

>> Yelp is a Gnome Help system browser, it supports rendering DocBook via
>> XSLT, and has earlier (in Gnome 2.4) supported rendering info pages as
>> well. I think the latest one (in CVS, to come with Gnome 2.6 in March)
>> is not capable of rendering info files anymore, because lead
>> developer (Shaun McCance I think) didn't have time to adjust the
>> backend with new big changes in the program.
>> So, it's currently not needed to worry about Yelp-integration, at
>> least until Yelp gets info browsing support back.
> Thanks for the info.  I'm not sure what is meant by "integration"
> though.
> Is the suggestion that Emacs use yelp to display info manuals?  

That's how I got the idea of Pierre Chanial. Though, I may have
misunderstood it. (info support in Yelp is still to be desired,
because that would also provide another way to access other manuals,
not just those of Emacs, but that's not relevant to emacs-devel.)

> Why would any Emacs user want that, especially since one has used Emacs
> own info reader for several years and on platforms where yelp is not
> available?  Anyway, you say this is nothing to worry about, so lets not.

Yeah, I agree with that.

There are many more problems which will probably "plague" Emacs
forever (if one considers it a bad thing because it's not "like every
other Gnome app"), because Emacs is a completely distinct system: no
gettext support for UI translation, UI is tightly bound with
documentation (which explains lack of translation support for the UI
-- it cannot be separated from documentation), no Pango support etc.

So, while I think some things are very useful (Gtk+2 port, DND,
copy-paste, even support for accessibility framework of GNOME would be
nice to have, etc.), others are not (like using external info reader,
as you explain above).


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