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Change behaviour of Copy/Cut/Paste from the menu bar.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Change behaviour of Copy/Cut/Paste from the menu bar.
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:11:19 +0100 (CET)


As has been pointed out, Emacs does not "behave" w.r.t. the CLIPBOARD
and other newer X applications.  Basically, the guideline in
http://freedesktop.org/Standards/clipboards-spec/clipboards.txt says:

When selecting with the mouse -> Save to PRIMARY (Emacs does that).
When using keys/menus (which in Emacs case would be just menus):
Copy -> Save to CLIPBOARD
Cut -> Save to CLIPBOARD
Paste -> Paste from CLIPBOARD

Now, if menu-bar-enable-clipboard is called we are almost there,
except for the Paste thing.  Emacs always pastes from the kill ring,
even if there is a CLIPBOARD selection.  So I suggest that we modify
lisp/term/x-term.el as below.  My question is if this is OK, and how
does the other ports (W32, Mac) handle Paste from the menu?  Is it
always from the clipboard, or from the kill-ring?


        Jan D.

Index: lisp/term/x-win.el
*** lisp/term/x-win.el.~1.166.~ 2003-09-01 17:45:36.000000000 +0200
--- lisp/term/x-win.el  2004-01-20 16:05:17.000000000 +0100
*** 2385,2396 ****
        ;; generated from FONT.
        (create-fontset-from-ascii-font font resolved-name "startup"))))
- ;; Sun expects the menu bar cut and paste commands to use the clipboard.
- ;; This has ,? to match both on Sunos and on Solaris.
- (if (string-match "Sun Microsystems,? Inc\\."
-                 (x-server-vendor))
-     (menu-bar-enable-clipboard))
  ;; Apply a geometry resource to the initial frame.  Put it at the end
  ;; of the alist, so that anything specified on the command line takes
  ;; precedence.
--- 2385,2390 ----
*** 2456,2460 ****
--- 2450,2470 ----
  ;; Turn on support for mouse wheels.
  (mouse-wheel-mode 1)
+ ;; Enable CLIPBOARD copy/paste through menu bar commands.
+ (menu-bar-enable-clipboard)
+ ;; Override Paste so it looks at CLIPBOARD first.
+ (defun x-clipboard-yank ()
+   "Insert the clipboard contents, or the last stretch of killed text."
+   (interactive)
+   (let ((clipboard-text (x-get-selection 'CLIPBOARD))
+       (x-select-enable-clipboard t))
+     (if (and clipboard-text (> (length clipboard-text) 0))
+       (kill-new clipboard-text))
+     (yank)))
+ (define-key menu-bar-edit-menu [paste]
+   (cons "Paste" (cons "Paste text from clipboard" 'x-clipboard-yank)))
  ;;; arch-tag: f1501302-db8b-4d95-88e3-116697d89f78
  ;;; x-win.el ends here

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