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Re: Showing end of buffer

From: Gaute B Strokkenes
Subject: Re: Showing end of buffer
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:31:42 +0100
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On 23 jan 2004, address@hidden wrote:

> Sam Steingold <address@hidden> writes:
>> OK, so I was not mistaken and this just duplicates the scrollbar
>> functionality.
>> Good.
> It also gives another reason for the fringes :-)
>> In that case, is it possible to make the fringe arrows clickable?
> Yes it will be eventually.
> I'm working on further enhancements to the fringe, and this is one
> of the things that will be facilitated by those changes.

Will it be possible to use more than one colour in the fringe icons?
I really like these icons, but at a glance they're too easily
mistaken for the line-wrap arrows.  I have to drag my eyes all the
way over to the right to find out what they are and then go back to
what I was doing.  I think that colouring things sensibly would them
easier to recognise without looking too hard.

Gaute Strokkenes                        http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~gs234/
When this load is DONE I think I'll wash it AGAIN..

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