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how are you?

From: chuka udeze
Subject: how are you?
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:29:22 +0200


My name is Mr.chuka udeze . I am one of these senior manags
in the Bank. I work for (Zenith International Bank Nigeria
PLC). And I work under the (Director of Current Account
Dept.). I am contacting you presently because I need your
urgent assistance in a business transaction that will be of
immense benefit to both of us. I have the immediate need to
claim money that have long been declared unclaimed by the
chairman and some members of the board of directors of our
bank. The money is the closing balance of one of our
costumers. Late Eng.Temcoson Brown, an American citizen. He
was a
contractor with the federal govt of Nigeria and I was his
account officer.Before the ADC plane crash of 1996 in
Nigeria He supplied and installed equipment and his company
creek contractors completed some of 
the best construction contract in the country. His closing
balance in 
the bank, as of the time of his death stood at (US$19.5M)
and has been 
tagged unclaimed because no relative of Eng. Temcoson Brown
has Come 
forward to make any acclaim. All efforts to contact the
relative have 
not been fruitful in the past four years. We have no
knowledge of his 
next of kin. At this point. I trust you can picture what
the situation 
is like. My colleagues and my self have made several
attempts at 
locating person that could be remotely related to Egn.
Temcoson Brown 
and we have been doing this for about four year (4yrs) now.
I am almost 
alone in this enterprise as the account is forgotten
entirely. I have 
therefore presently decided to solicit your assistance to
act as the 
next of kin of Eng Temcoson Brown and I will be very
grateful if you 
will be willing to help in this regard. My colleagues and I
therefore alter the original forms completed by
Eng.Temcoson brown to 
reflect your name or any name you want us to use for the
claim. We will 
provide you with answer to security question, which you
will have to 
answer There will be no need for you to appear here in
Nigeria if you 
follow my instructions closely. Everything should be
concluded on 
telephone and fax between you and the bank. You will 
be commensurately compensated. We will discuss among other
details. I make this proposal in trust and good faith,
therefore if you 
are interested and you agree to assist me then contact me
you receive this E-mail, there is a lot more to talk about.
If you are 
not interested, then please, do get rid of this E-mail and
forgive me if this message has upset you in anyway. 

Thanks you and Best 


Chuka Udeze 

NB;Pls reoly me through address@hidden
http://www.webmail.co.za/dialup Webmail ISP - Cool Connection, Cool Price

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