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info-look.el bug

From: Stephen Eglen
Subject: info-look.el bug
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 14:48:31 +0000


I think I've found a little bug in info-look.el.  If anyone out there
regularly uses info-look.el, could they please check the following and
get back to me?

% emacs -q

In the *scratch* buffer, type "C-h S defun RET". The frame should divide
into two: the top window shows *scratch* and the bottom window shows
the definition of "defun" from the elisp *info*.

Still in the scratch buffer, type "C-h S setq RET".  This time the
*scratch* buffer disappears and is replaced by another window showing
*info* for setq; so now, both windows are showing an info node, but
the scratch buffer has gone.

I think this behaviour is wrong, and that if the *info* buffer is
already visible, it should not be viewed again in another window.  I
think have tracked down the problem to the call in info-lookup where
it calls Info-goto-node.  

I think this problem can be solved by using save-window-excursion, but
then on the second call to C-h S, the highlighting is not shown.
Anyone have a better idea of how to solve this?

Thanks, Stephen

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