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Reply urgent Pls...

From: zimbabwenet
Subject: Reply urgent Pls...
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 17:52:20 -0500

S.T.Louis Penny Johannesburg
Cont Tel: +27 835193913

Dear Friend, 
I am Mr. S.T Louis Penny from Zimbabwe. I want to invest in your country 
therefore write to seek for your assistance because of the hope I have that you 
are trustworthy and God fearing. 
I have $105 Million in security vault in Johannesburg South Africa, which I 
want to transfer to your country for investment use.
Please could you help me to provide bank account to receive the money in your 
I inherited the sum from my late father who was killed last year in the land 
dispute crisis that almost caused civil war between the opposition of Robert 
Mugabe who introduced new land Reform Act that affected foreigners (whites) and 
some rich black farmers in Zimbabwe.
As the result of my father’s death and seizure of our farmland by the Mugabe 
Reform group, I left the country with my present family and arrived South 
Africa as an asylum seeker.
The aforesaid sum is in cash in custody of Standard Security Trust Pty Ltd 
Johannesburg. I seek for your assistance because of my statues as a refugee, 
which prohibits me from running bank account, gaining employment or to make 
monetary transference. 
Hence my letter, I want you to send to me your name and address in full so that 
I will make you the final benefactor of the consignment (Money) with the 
security company.After the changes is affected in favour of your name/company 
name as the final beneficiary,the security company will release the consignment 
(money)to you as the beneficiary for onward to your oversea account then I will 
travel to meet with you in country to settle and invest.
Please render this help to my family and me and take 20% of the total sum.

But note; the company did not know the original content of the Trunk, it was 
registered and insured as family treasure valued the above stated amount.
If you interested, give me your direct phone number let me call you for more 
details, or give me a call on my direct number as above or you send me return 
mail via address@hidden 
I wait hearing from you.
>From ST.Louis Penny.

Nb/ Please treat as strict confidential/very urgent. 

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