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Re: fall-back for gud-gdb-complete-command

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: fall-back for gud-gdb-complete-command
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 01:11:55 +0000

> Some gdb commands like run, source, directory take file names
> as the arguments. However the file names are not completed in
> the gud buffer. I've added code which completes file name
> if gdb's complete command returns no completion.

This is a nice idea but GDB has its own filename completion. In fact GDB has
three types of completion: command, filename and location. Its just that
filename completion using the GDB command "complete", which is what Emacs uses,
was broken. This has recently been fixed by the change below (from GDB's

2004-02-01  Daniel Jacobowitz  <address@hidden>

        * cli/cli-cmds.c: Include readline.h.
        (complete_command): Pass the start of the last word to

This change is still in the CVS repository at sources.redhat.com but should be
part of gdb 6.1 due to be released around the end of March.


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