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Re: Add M-x occur to the menu-bar

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Add M-x occur to the menu-bar
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 12:23:59 -0500
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On 24 Feb 2004, address@hidden wrote:

>> - make the next-error-function always local (but not buffer-local)
> The way you use make-local-variable doesn't accomplish that.
> Either use make-variable-buffer-local at the global level (it will
> work in this case, as simple.el is pre-loaded.

Right.  Done.

>>   (defun compilation-find-buffer (&optional other-buffer)
>> !   (let ((next-error-buffer-p compilation-buffer-p))
>> !     (next-error-find-buffer other-buffer)))
> This does not function-bind next-error-buffer-p ...
> Does it really work?

No, I was confused.

Here's another version, which passes in extra tests.  I actually like
this better because it lets a mode decide if it wants extra tests,
but will always check next-error-function as it should.
compilation-buffer-p still works as it did before.

bytecomp.el should eventually hook into the next-error framework, I
think.  Should I do that too?  Any other modes of interest?

I've started using the new next-error heavily, and I wonder how I
managed without it :)


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