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Re: xterm.c:handle_one_xevent question

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: xterm.c:handle_one_xevent question
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 09:47:44 +0100

I got an emacs abort at the following place in handle_one_xevent

/* If not using XIM/XIC, and a compose sequence is in progress,
             we break here.  Otherwise, chars_matched is always 0.  */
          if (compose_status.chars_matched > 0 && nbytes == 0)

          orig_keysym = keysym;

          if (numchars > 1)
              Lisp_Object c;

              /* First deal with keysyms which have defined
                 translations to characters.  */
              if (keysym >= 32 && keysym < 128)
                abort ();
====>       abort ();

I don't understand this code; can someone explain why numchars has to
be > 1?  I've attached a bit of a gdb session, though it probably isn't
very helpful...

I can not see any reson for that. It should be enough that numchars is > 0.
A typo?

        Jan D.

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