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Re: Display Unicode on Mac OS X?

From: David Wheeler
Subject: Re: Display Unicode on Mac OS X?
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 19:55:10 -0800

DW> Hi All,
DW> I'm using Emacs from CVS (compiled 2003-12-11) on Mac OS X with DW> the Carbon support. I'd like to be able to view Unicode (utf-8) content, DW> and use a font that supports it, but Emacs does not display most Unicode DW> characters (those that are > 255, it appears). This may be a FAQ, but since DW> Emacs from CVS doesn't have Mule anymore, I've been unable to figure out
DW> how to get it to display the Unicode characters.

DW> Any pointers or instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have something like (set-frame-font "fontset-mac") in your .emacs?

No. And adding it appears to make no difference.



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