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where/how to contribute emacs lisp code?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: where/how to contribute emacs lisp code?
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 12:57:37 -0800

I have some Emacs 20 elisp code to contribute for others to use or enhance,
but I am not sure where/how to do so. I have no problem with signing a GNU
license, to make the code freely available. The code is too voluminous to
send to a mailing list. I have contributed older versions of some of this
code in the past, but I have since made some improvements here and there.

Where do people send elisp contributions these days?

There used to be the Ohio State Emacs Lisp Archive, at
ftp://archive.cis.ohio-state.edu/pub/gnu/emacs/elisp-archive/, but this site
seems to be down. At http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/gnu/gnusrc/elisp-archive/WWW/,
it says this, regarding the OSU Emacs Lisp Archive:

"Intent to close - 2001/05/02 ...I currently plan to close the OSU Emacs
Lisp archive as soon as Savannah allows for non-GNU programs. Savannah is a
much more advanced technology; it will allow for CVS access, etc...."

I have visited http://savannah.gnu.org/, but I cannot find where/how to make
individual emacs lisp contributions. I clicked the "emacs" Group, but got
this page: "This project has turned off this tracker [#1]; ". I searched for
"emacs" at http://savannah.nongnu.org/search/, but I didn't come up with
much at all.

I don't have the resources to create or maintain a complete GNU/Savannah
project, as I understand it (or...don't really understand it). I simply have
some existing emacs lisp code that I would like to contribute. The code runs
in Emacs 20.7, but perhaps others might want to upgrade or cannibalize some
of it for Emacs 21.

Can you perhaps steer me in the right direction?



P.S. Why is it so hard to find one's way around at http://savannah.gnu.org/?
The "User Docs (FAQ)" didn't help much in this respect. How about a page
(easy to find) that tells you what the site is all about and how to get to
what you need?

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