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(No) Wildcards in ChageLog entries

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: (No) Wildcards in ChageLog entries
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 15:08:10 +0300

    2006-05-31  David Ponce  <address@hidden>

            * tree-widget/default/close.*, tree-widget/default/empty.*:
            * tree-widget/default/end-guide.*, tree-widget/default/guide.*:
            * tree-widget/default/handle.*, tree-widget/default/leaf.*:
            * tree-widget/default/no-guide.*, tree-widget/default/no-handle.*:
            * tree-widget/default/open.*, tree-widget/folder/close.*:
            * tree-widget/folder/empty.*, tree-widget/folder/end-guide.*:
            * tree-widget/folder/guide.*, tree-widget/folder/handle.*:
            * tree-widget/folder/leaf.*, tree-widget/folder/no-guide.*:
            * tree-widget/folder/no-handle.*, tree-widget/folder/open.*:
            Reduce the size of images.

This is an invalid ChangeLog entry: please don't use wildcards, each
file should be mentioned explicitly.  That's because people frequently
search ChangeLog files for specific names, and such entries defeat

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