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RE: pop-up-frames inconvenience

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: pop-up-frames inconvenience
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 08:26:55 -0700

Hi Sam,

1. address@hidden is the proper list for this kind of question.
Followups there, please.

2. I've wrestled with trying to get Emacs to play well with a
one-frame-per-buffer (by default) behavior for a long time. Take a look at
my library oneonone.el. It might suit you, and, if not, it might give you
some ideas for your own customizations. See


    when pop-up-frames is customized to t, the frames proliferate without
    end and have to be explicitly deleted.
    e.g., C-x m (`compose-mail') now creates a new frame that does not go
    away automatically when I hit C-c C-c (`message-send-and-exit').

    worse than that, when I hit TAB in the minibuffer, the *Completions*
    window is now popped in its own frame, which has keyboard focus (thus
    further typing results in errors unless I switch the keyboard focus to
    the original frame) and obscures the original frame, hiding what I have
    already typed.
    I want buffers created by the emacs server to show up in their own
    frames, so I do

    (add-hook 'server-switch-hook 'new-frame)
    (custom-set-variables '(server-window 'pop-to-buffer))

    the result is that the server buffer is shown both in a new frame and a
    new window in an existing frame.
    neither *Help*, nor *info*, nor the source are helpful...

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