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Re: [OT] Netiquette

From: Alastair Houghton
Subject: Re: [OT] Netiquette
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 17:28:22 +0100

On 14 Jun 2006, at 16:43, Sam Steingold wrote:

I see nothing wrong in telling someone
that the answer to his question is covered in the manual, except that I
prefer to see a URL next to the note to RTFM.

No, there's nothing wrong with telling someone that the answer to a question is covered in the manual. But I didn't ask a question, and that isn't how David worded his reply.

I also don't see anything wrong with apologising if you offend someone, but apparently the correct approach is to attack them for taking offence instead, particularly if at the time they're trying to help out with some FOSS package you're working on.

At this point I'm thoroughly fed-up, so:

1. I won't be contributing to Emacs in future.  Instead, I'll either
keep my changes to myself or I'll go back to XEmacs.

2. If I see *any* further email on this topic, I will withdraw my
current patch and won't be signing any copyright assignment forms. E-
mail about the patch itself is, of course, fine.

I doubt that these kinds of threats will win you any friends here or

I wasn't after "winning friends", I was after putting an end once and for all to this pointless e-mail conversation. But apparently *you* consider it more important to continue it than you do that someone makes a useful contribution to Emacs.

Maybe you thought I was bluffing, but I'm afraid I'm not, so---thanks to you---I'm withdrawing my patch and I won't be signing any copyright forms sent by the FSF.



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