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Re: cygwn 5.19 with X-win bootstrap

From: djh
Subject: Re: cygwn 5.19 with X-win bootstrap
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 17:49:09 +0900

Eli, et al,
  sorry I was sent out of town for some testing and was unable to continue with 
testing cvs emasc with cygwin using x-widows.  I have taken up the matter with 
cygwin people and will upgrade to try using newer (not yet released versions) 
of cygwin and gdb
, which is reported be better.  The older versions reported SIGSEGV when it 
wasn't really the case....  

I report again when I find out more info.

Thanks for your support.

Darel Henman

> . ....
> So it crashes inside pthread_mutexattr_init, which is called from
> within uninterrupt_malloc.  Just to be sure, perhaps step into
> uninterrupt_malloc and see whether my conclusion is correct, and which
> of the two calls to pthread_mutexattr_init crashes.
> If my conclusion is right, I think you need to take this up with
> Cygwin maintainers.  Perhaps, if you show them the code in
> uninterrupt_malloc that calls pthread functions, they will be able to
> figure out the problem.
> Thanks for looking into this.

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