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Re: Patch to remove minor modes in tutorial

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Patch to remove minor modes in tutorial
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 11:34:02 -0400

    +  ;; Check if minor modes may disturb

That is not an accurate description of what the new code does.
It only describes a _part_ of what the code does.
It ought to describe the _overall action_.

    +                 (condition-case err
    +                     (progn
    +                       (unless
    +                           (equal '(keymap)
    +                                  (symbol-value
    +                                   (read (concat (symbol-name m) "-map"))))
    +                         t))
    +                   (error nil)))

What is that code supposed to do?  And why?

    +    ;; Default minor modes
    +    (dolist (m '(auto-compression-mode

That comment makes no sense to me.  What was the reason
for choosing which modes to put in this list?

    +          (insert
    +           ") which can possibly override global key bindings."
    +           "  The behavior of Emacs with these modes may"
    +           " not match what the tutorial teaches.\n\n"
    +           "Do you want to disable these modes when you are in the 
    +           "(y-or-n)"
    +           )

Why ask?  Why not just do it?

    +              (make-local-variable 'emulation-mode-map-alists)
    +              (setq emulation-mode-map-alists nil)
    +              (dolist (m minor-modes-on)
    +                (make-local-variable m)
    +                (set m nil))

Nowadays there are minor modes that can't be turned off this way.
You need to call the function.

    @@ -325,6 +404,8 @@
                     "a Lisp macro")
                    ((eq (car-safe def) 'autoload)
                     (setq file-name (nth 1 def))
    +            (let ((loc (locate-library file-name)))
    +                   (when loc (setq file-name loc)))
                     (format "%s autoloaded %s"
                             (if (commandp def) "an interactive" "an")

What is that for?

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