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RE: address@hidden: vc-diff uses unknown -L switch]

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: RE: address@hidden: vc-diff uses unknown -L switch]
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 10:35:43 +0100

> I've just installed a patch to deal with this.  It uses the 
> same mechanism that VC already uses to find out if rcsdiff 
> understands the --brief option.  VC will first try to use -L, 
> and then remember whether it worked in the new variable 
> vc-diff-knows-L.
> The patch assumes that a "diff" that does not understand -L 
> returns error code 2 when the option is used.  I have not 
> been able to verify this with Solaris 8 diff, but I'm pretty 
> sure that this is how it's reported.
> If anybody sees a more elegant way to implement this, please 
> don't hesitate to change it.

Hi Andre, I just did a cvs update to try it out.  On C-x v =, I get:

diff: two filename arguments required

I think the attached patch fixes it.  Simon.

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