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Re: address@hidden: mouse-autoselect-window ne eds a delay]

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: Re: address@hidden: mouse-autoselect-window ne eds a delay]
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 10:11:09 +0100

>    If you have split windows and the lower window selected, how do you
move the
>    mouse from the lower window to the menu or tool bar without window
>    moving to the upper window?

> [...]

> I just changed my lower window to contain a buffer with a very
> different purpose from the upper window.  That way is uses a very
> different library than the upper window and has different menus on the
> menu bar.  To get to the menu bar required moving the mouse cursor
> outside of Emacs.  I have never done that before.  (If I were to go to
> the menu bar in every day use, I would first `C-x 1'
> (delete-other-windows-quietly).  That action would be more efficient.)

I don't have a problem with you using Emacs how you want to.  But, as you
state, your usage of the menu bar is to test it not to use it per se.

OTOH, I use the menu bar if (a) I happen to be holding the mouse, (b) I
can't remember the key binding, or (c) there isn't a key binding.  My report
was pointing out a problem with mouse-autoselect-window when used with split
windows and the menu or tool bar.  Given that you don't use the menu or tool
bar, ...

Anyway, I would find it quite obscure and "inefficient" (to use your word)
to have to do C-x 1 in the window before I used the menu bar.  I would
rather Emacs not require my usage to be different for a command invoked via
a key vs via the menu or tool bar.  And the result of C-x 1 would be
different from what I had wanted.

> Moving the mouse cursor outside of Emacs rather than `C-x 1'
> (delete-other-windows-quietly) is clearly inefficent.  But then, so is
> any action with the menu bar since it means taking your fingers off
> the keyboard for an irrelevant reason.

I think this belongs to a different discussion, not in response to a bug

>    (I can only achieve this by moving out of the Emacs frame and then into
>    Emacs frame at the Emacs menu or tool bar.  And that is much easier if
my WM
>    implements a delay for WM focus-follows-mouse, otherwise WM
>    would cause any other window behind the Emacs frame to be raised above
>    Emacs frame immediately!)

> That is true: if you take your hands off the keyboard, grab the mouse,
> move the mouse cursor over another Emacs window to a bar, and if you
> do not `C-x 1' (delete-other-windows-quietly), and you do not use
> auto-raise much elsewhere, then to keep your first window you need a
> delay.

> It seems very unlikely that anyone would act so inefficently once they
> learn to be efficient, but people are strange.  I see no reason not to
> permit such inefficiency, but the default should be `immediate
> auto-raise' and a presumption that the user is trying to use his or
> her life well.  Otherwise, the Emacs developers would be highly
> insulting.

Are you seriously suggesting that I am inefficient and/or strange?

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