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Building on Windows

From: Paul Moore
Subject: Building on Windows
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 18:46:31 +0100

I'm having trouble building CVS Emacs on Windows. I'm using mingw, and
building via configure.bat then gmake, but the build is failing on some items
(movemail, for example) in the lib-src directory. I'm pretty sure that I've
built from CVS in the past, but it's a long time ago and I've forgotten what
(if anything) I did :-(

Here's the error messages from a clean build in lib-src from CVS yesterday:

gcc -o oo-spd/i386/movemail.exe  -gstabs+ -g3   oo-spd/i386/movemail.o
86/pop.o oo-spd/i386/ntlib.o oo-spd/i386/getopt.o oo-spd/i386/getopt1.o
2   -ladvapi32
Info: resolving __sys_nerr by linking to __imp___sys_nerr (auto-import)
Info: resolving __sys_errlist by linking to __imp___sys_errlist (auto-import)
oo-spd/i386/movemail.o: In function `main':
C:/Data/emacs/lib-src/movemail.c:345: undefined reference to `link'
fu000001.o:: undefined reference to `libmsvcrt_a_iname'
fu000003.o:: undefined reference to `libmsvcrt_a_iname'
nmth000000.o:: undefined reference to `_nm___sys_nerr'
nmth000002.o:: undefined reference to `_nm___sys_errlist'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
mingw32-make: *** [oo-spd/i386/movemail.exe] Error 1

Are there any known problems building on Windows? If not, should I expect
stuff in lib-src to fail, and is there a way of skipping it cleanly? Or more
likely, am I doing something dumb?


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