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Re: Mixed L2R and R2L paragraphs and horizontal scroll

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Mixed L2R and R2L paragraphs and horizontal scroll
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 09:08:16 +0100
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>     There is one thing I conceptually don't understand yet: When I currently
>     shrink the width of a window Emacs doesn't hide text at the left side of
>     the window but text at the right side may get truncated when the window
>     becomes too small.  Will this behavior be reverted for R2L text in the
>     sense that text at the left side is truncated?
> Since R2L text lines start from the right margin, that will remain
> true after changes in window width.  This is true independent of how
> hscroll works.

With L2R and R2L lines in one and the same buffer we have to decide
which line type is given preference whenever shrinking a window
truncates at least one L2R and at least one R2L line.  "Giving
preference" here means which line type is allowed to place its first
column at the respective window margin.  Usually, the preferred line
type can be derived from the position of `point'.  For example, when
`point' is at the beginning of a R2L line it's appropriate to show the
right margin when shrinking the associated window.


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