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Review: make-tarball.txt

From: Christoph
Subject: Review: make-tarball.txt
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 20:32:19 -0700
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I saw that make-tarball.txt in the admin directory was still referring to CSV in the instructions.

I would like to propose the following changes:

=== modified file 'admin/make-tarball.txt'
--- admin/make-tarball.txt    2010-01-04 05:35:18 +0000
+++ admin/make-tarball.txt    2010-02-25 02:57:10 +0000
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@

 For each step, check for possible errors.

-1.   cvs -q update -Pd
+1.   bzr update

 2.  Bootstrap to make 100% sure all elc files are up-to-date, and to
     make sure that the later tagged version will bootstrap, should it be
@@ -56,23 +56,26 @@
     number of the old Emacs to __, do the same with the new log and do
     M-x ediff.  Especially check that Info files aren't built.

-10.  cd EMACS_ROOT_DIR; cvs tag TAG
+10.  cd EMACS_ROOT_DIR/trunk
+     bzr tag TAG
     TAG is EMACS_PRETEST_XX_YY_ZZZ for a pretest, EMACS_XX_YY for a

Shortly before the release, cut the branch with the following commands:

-    cvs rtag EMACS_`NUMBER'_BASE
-    cvs rtag -b EMACS_`NUMBER'_RC -r EMACS_`NUMBER'_BASE
+    bzr tag EMACS_`NUMBER'_BASE
+    bzr branch -r tag:EMACS_`NUMBER'_BASE ./ ../EMACS_`NUMBER'_RC
     where `NUMBER' is the major version number of the release.  This
     makes it easier to see what changes have been applied to the
     branch with:

-    cvs diff -r EMACS_`NUMBER'_BASE -r EMACS_`NUMBER'_RC
+    bzr diff -r tag:EMACS_`NUMBER'_BASE

-    or merge changes back to the trunk with "cvs update -j", if
-    necessary.
+    or merge changes back to the trunk with
+     cd EMACS_ROOT_DIR/trunk
+     bzr merge ../EMACS_`NUMBER'_RC

     After doing this, increase the version number on the trunk as per
     step 4.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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