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Emacs 23.1.93 pretest

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Emacs 23.1.93 pretest
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 22:40:05 -0500

Emacs pretest 23.1.93 is now available for download via FTP, at the
following location:


The xdelta against the Emacs 23.1.92 pretest is here:


This is the fourth pretest for what will be the Emacs 23.2 release.

Developers: as explained in a previous email, in a few days we will cut
the 23.2 branch and open the trunk for Emacs 24 development.  Only
regression bugfixes and documentation changes will be accepted into the
branch.  So consider this the very last call for non-regression fixes:
if there is one that you would like to make, please discuss on
emacs-devel now.

Pretesters: please send me an email reporting success or failure on your
build platform.  Report bugs via M-x report-emacs-bugs, or email
address@hidden  For questions, email address@hidden


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