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Re: DocView AutoFitting via "doc-view-autofit-mode"

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: DocView AutoFitting via "doc-view-autofit-mode"
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 20:41:25 +0200
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Moritz Maxeiner <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Moritz,

>  so I updated a few things:
>> `C-1 W' enables width autofitting.
> Done, see the added paragraph in the description, in short, either
> sets the type and if off turns on autofitting, or if on and type is
> already sets turn off autofitting, e.g.  `C-1 W' `C-1 W' turns on
> autofitting and sets it to width and then turns it off again.


>> so you could just enable lexical binding for the complete file and
>> use just `let'
> It is already enabled (bzr trunk), I just didn't see it. Strangely
> enough, using `lexical-let' inside a lexical binding enabled file
> produces tons of "bad lexing" errors when used with named functions
> (It doesn't in lexica-binding disabled files).

Well, I don't have a clue, too.  But now with emacs 24 and
`lexical-binding', the use of `lexical-let' is discouraged, anyway.

>> Compare symbols with `eq'
> Done, but any specific reason for that? `equal's doc-string states
> that symbols must match exactly, so in the specific event of symbols,
> don't equal and eq behave the same?

Yes, the result is the same.  Everything that's `eq' is always also
`eql', and everything that's `eql' is always also `equal'.

It's more a convention to compare symbols and keywords with `eq'.  Then
the reader of your code can see directly that you compare on identity
and not equality.

> If I missed anything you suggested or someone has more suggestions to
> better the minor mode please do say so.

Sorry, this week my spare time is quite limited.  I'll try to look into
it a bit more on the easter weekend.  But since Emacs is in feature
freeze right now, your contribution has to wait until emacs 24.1 is
released, anyway.

It's not a trivial contribution, so you have to assign the copyright to
the FSF in order to have it included in emacs proper.  How that has to
be done is explained here:


Feel free to send me a private mail, if there's something unclear.

> [Patch]

Please use unified diffs (diff -u) instead of context diffs.  I can read
them much better. ;-)


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