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Additional symbols to input method TeX

From: Rasmus
Subject: Additional symbols to input method TeX
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2012 01:34:49 +0100
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I use the TeX input method quite often, especially when writing mails
with math. I find the following addition to latin-ltx.el rather useful:

 ("_a" ?ₐ)
 ("_e" ?ₑ)
 ("_h" ?ₕ)
 ("_i" ?ᵢ)
 ("_j" ?ⱼ)
 ("_k" ?ₖ)
 ("_l" ?ₗ)
 ("_m" ?ₘ)
 ("_n" ?ₙ)
 ("_o" ?ₒ)
 ("_p" ?ₚ)
 ("_r" ?ᵣ)
 ("_s" ?ₛ)
 ("_t" ?ₜ)
 ("_u" ?ᵤ)
 ("_v" ?ᵥ)
 ("_x" ?ₓ)

it allows me to type e.g. `x_t' to get xₜ or x_i to get xᵢ.  I think it
improves the functionality of the already great TeX input system to add


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