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Re: Kickstarter for Emacs

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: Kickstarter for Emacs
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 17:09:30 +0530
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> So I started this thread to raise awareness about this specific funding
> model, so if somebody is interested to do it and thinks he has the
> necessary knowledge for it then he can start such an improvement proposal
> for Emacs.
> Here are some examples which Eclipse can do with Java code and
> which would be useful in Emacs (in addition to intelligent,
> context-aware completion, of course):
> Quick assist: http://goo.gl/nv4nn
> Quick fix: http://goo.gl/LL5TQ

May be you should have posted this information in original mail.
Atleast it would have made the post relevant to this group.

>> Could you please point to your Emacs/Java IDE proposal on Kickstarter's
>> website?
> You misunderstood me. 

...which is good.  Because it will lead to better understanding.

> I don't want to implement it myself, but I'd gladly fund the
> implementation of this feature (together with quite a few others).

A patron cannot kickstart a project?  That's bad.

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