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Re: Kickstarter for Emacs

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Kickstarter for Emacs
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 18:07:38 -0400
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>>> How much would it cost me to get the python modes combined into one?
>> We cannot use python-mode.el because its copyright is not assigned to
>> the FSF.
>> The good news is that Fabian Gallina's python.el, which apparently works
>> extremely well, is landing in trunk soon.
> Gaaa!  Will it be replacing the current python.el?


> In a backwards compatible way?

Hopefully, yes.  Fabian has not been particularly careful about that
aspect (e.g. lots of "gratuitous" renamings), so my "yes" really means
"backward incompatibilities will likely show up but will be treated as
bugs to the extent possible".

I.e. keep your eyes open for when the python.el changes and report any
problem so we can fix them promptly.  Or maybe even ask try it out right
away (https://github.com/fgallina/python.el) and work it out
with Fabian.


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