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Version strings in lisp files?

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Version strings in lisp files?
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 13:27:48 +0200
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I've been working on the build system for org and these changes have
just been merged into org.  As part of the cleanup I had removed all
version strings in Git controlled files since they've mostly been a
source for merge conflicts.  Instead, the build system auto-generates
the version string into org-version.el (which is not committed into the
repository), where it can easily be picked up via autoload.  Bastien
(the org maintainer) tells me that Emacs requires a version string to be
present in org.el, what's the rationale for that?  Since those files
will have to transgress into Bzr it would be possible to alter the files
before committing into Bzr, but that doesn't feel right...

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