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Re: Suggestion / feature request

From: Carlos Aguilar
Subject: Re: Suggestion / feature request
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 09:06:42 +0200
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I see you two are up to it and will probably do a better job than me. I tried to use gs as pdftk. It works but it is pretty slow. As I launch gs for each page separately it reads the whole file for each page extraction which gives a time to split the document which is ... quadratic in the number of pages !

 I suppose you can launch just gs once and do a series of commands to avoid this issue but I haven't found yet how. I also suppose Stefan will use the function doc-view-pdf->png-1 for each page when doing the lazy reconversion which will also call gs once for each page ... if I find a workaround I will share it !

Anyway lazy reconversion is ok for me, and I am happy to have been useful at least  for counting as one among others :)

Thanks to both of you !


Le 20/04/2012 22:16, Stefan Monnier a écrit :
My main reason for not using doc-view when writing documents is that it
doesn't (and cannot) support forward/backward search using SyncTeX.
Yes, it's far from perfect, but it has its advantages.

up to implementing a feature I don't have a need for myself.  But since
you already have it and people request it, just go ahead for Emacs 24.2.
Damn!  So now I have to go and clean up that hack!


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